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The twelfth volume of The Blah Story by Nigel Tomm was published in 2008. Author continues mathematical+natural text writing traditions which were used in the previous volumes of The Blah Story (such as fractal literature, algorithmic literature or algebraic literature).

Book statistics: The Blah Story, Volume 12 contains 689,615 words; 3,389,983 characters (with spaces); 812 pages.

The Blah Story, Volume 12

The cover of The Blah Story, Volume 12.

The back cover of The Blah Story, Volume 12.

Here’s an excerpt (the first page of The Blah Story, Volume 12):

    Her blah didn’t blah blah to blah some blah advantages. The blah was blah and blah blah, but she blah quite a blah blah blah. Nevertheless, the blah blah that blah gave the blah blah was blah of blah, irony, and blah blah. When blah had blah blah that blah was likely to blah blah a blah once blah she blah no blah of her blah. She blah to blah old blah blah more blah than blah.
    Blah, knowing blah blah well that blah would blah blah blah out if blah blah the blah of blah, blah another blah of blah. She blah after blah blah.
    ‘Blah blah and blah,’ said blah blah, ‘blah did you blah blah me blah with blah blah blah? I haven’t blah for a blah.’
    ‘Blah,’ blah in blah, ‘I blah blah you I blah blah yesterday blah. She blah, no blah, at blah, the other blah blah of blah, so blah to blah in the blah at blah this blah, and she blah blah be blah till blah blah blah.’
    ‘Oh blah, I blah blah now. Well, blah is blah weather to blah in the blah.’
    Blah, however, was blah blah subject, and blah blah having blah it, for, blah to blah, one never blah where blah might blah be blah she blah to blah blah reading. She blah blah blah so often of blah blah to blah herself from blah that blah was blah blah aware of the blah. Blah in the blah of that blah, whose blah was so blah, she blah determined to blah a blah heart.
    ‘Well, you blah,’ said blah, ‘it is blah who blah him to blah about and blah as blah blah exercise as blah. He blah a blah blah that blah the open blah. Blah is very blah for blah blah.’
    Blonde, blah and blah, blah blah, who was the blah of a blah, had a blah blah face, and a blah, but somewhat blah, blah blah. From blah own blah of blah probably blah her blah blah admiration for her blah, pretty blah, who blah have blah blah between blah words. If blah was blah, however, blah was blah blah with blah tenacity and blah, and blah would have blah blah with blah to blah blah with the blah and blah which he blah to blah after each blah.
    ‘Ah, it’s blah,’ she blah, ‘to blah blah to blah our blah so blah away. As it blah, I don’t blah my blah all blah, and blah I’ve blah a blah whom I blah blah at blah. But the blah is that one blah to live, and blah I blah blah the little blah in that blah frames of blah, where blah morning blah night I blah blah have a blah to blah. Blah, I blah help blah at the blah that I blah able to blah and blah his blah. When my blah comes blah blah from the blah every blah, we do blah blah talking blah about blah, like a blah of blah. And blah, blah to blah, blah, that blah blah is very blah, and there are blah any blah blah about blah?’

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