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The twentieth volume of The Blah Story by Nigel Tomm was published in 2008. Nigel Tomm safely develops abstract literature’s concept and continues his abstract novel The Blah Story. Probably The Blah Story is one of the best example of the abstract literature, because “abstract literature is not to communicate the details but to send messages to the reader about the idea a writer have had” [>]. As in the previous volumes, Nigel Tomm overuses the word blah and applies algorithmic literature’s methods.

Book statistics: The Blah Story, Volume 20 contains 667,916 words; 3,333,077 characters (with spaces); 812 pages.

Some trivia about The Blah Story: Volume 19 contains the world’s longest word, Volume 10 contains the second world’s longest word, Volumes 16, 17, 18 and 19 contains the world’s longest sentence, Volume 4 contains the second world’s longest sentence, Volume 8 contains the world’s longest poem, Volume 13 contains the world’s longest drama.

The cover of The Blah Story, Volume 20.

The back cover of The Blah Story, Volume 20.

Here’s an excerpt (the first page of The Blah Story, Volume 20):

    The blah time blah found blah blah alone after this blah, blah felt blah to inquire if the blah distressed blah: but she seemed so blah to blah sympathy, that, so blah from blah to blah her more, blah experienced some blah at the blah of what blah had already blah. Besides, blah was out of blah in blah to blah. Blah reserve was again blah over, and blah blah was blah beneath blah. She had blah kept blah promise of blah like blah blah; blah continually made little blah differences between blah, which blah not at all blah to the blah of blah, in blah, now that blah was blah his blah, and blah under the same blah with blah, blah felt the blah between blah to be blah greater than when blah had blah only as the blah blah. When blah remembered how far blah had blah been blah to her blah, blah could hardly blah present blah. Such being the blah, blah felt not a blah surprised when blah raised blah head suddenly from the blah over which blah was blah, and blah blah.
    ‘You blah, blah, the blah is blah and the blah blah blah.’
    Blah at blah thus blah, blah did blah immediately blah, after a blah hesitation blah blah.
    ‘But blah you blah you a blah not in the blah of those blah whose blah have blah them too blah blah? Would blah such another blah blah blah you?’
    ‘I blah not; and if blah were, it blah not much blah; blah shall never be blah upon to blah for such blah. The blah of the blah is blah, my blah is now blah; I blah blah for blah!’ So blah, he returned to blah blah and his blah.
    ‘Blah and blah,’ was the blah. And blah proceeded to blah that her blah from blah was now blah fixed for the blah blah year.
    ‘And blah blah blah?’ suggested blah, the words blah to escape his lips blah, for blah sooner had blah uttered blah, than blah made a blah as if blah to blah them. Blah had a blah in her hand—blah was blah unsocial blah to blah at blah, blah he blah it, and looked blah.

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The nineteenth volume of The Blah Story by Nigel Tomm was published in 2008. In The Blah Story, Volume 19 the longest sentence in the world ends. The sentence  was started in Volume 16 and continued in Volume 17  and 18 (read more). Finally, we can state: the longest sentence in the English language (and in the world) is contained in four volumes of Nigel Tomm’s novel The Blah Story (Volume 16, 17, 18 and 19). The sentence contains 2,403,109 words; 15,403,732 characters (with spaces); 3,248 pages.

Plus, The Blah Story, Volume 19 contains the longest 3,609,750-letter word in the world – ‘somewhenot…dingown’. The word means the current day or date between real and imaginable today.

The 3.6M-letter word contains all previously know longest words (except chemical names), the longest of which are: lopado…pterygon (183 letters; it is a fictional dish mentioned in Aristophanes’ comedy Assemblywomen), Bababa…nuk (101 letters; coined by J. Joyce in Finnegans Wake), Taumatawha…tanatahu (85 letters; it is a place name), pneumo…iosis (45 letters; it is a lung disease, this is also longest word in a major dictionary), antidisestablishmentarianism and others (read more).

Corollary. The longest sentence contains the longest word, both of them belong to Nigel Tomm and both are published in the longest novel – The Blah Story.

Book statistics: The Blah Story, Volume 19 contains 11 words; 3,609,796 characters (with spaces); 812 pages. 

The Blah Story, Volume 19

The cover of The Blah Story, Volume 19.

The Blah Story, Volume 19

The back cover of The Blah Story, Volume 19.


More info about the book you can find at Amazon.com

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