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The thirteenth volume of The Blah Story by Nigel Tomm was published in 2008. In this volume novel’s main character, i.e., she, writes a drama – My Blah Drama, with three acting personas: Fifi, Narcisse and Stranger. Probably this is the longest drama in literature; it contains 345,842 words or 1,695,941 characters (with spaces) or 808 pages.

Book statistics: The Blah Story, Volume 13 contains 345,965 words; 1,696,574 characters (with spaces); 812 pages.

The Blah Story, Volume 13

The cover of The Blah Story, Volume 13.

The Blah Story, Volume 13

The back cover of The Blah Story, Volume 13.

Here’s an excerpt (the first page of The Blah Story, Volume 13):

    Blah intimidated, they blah to blah blah, where blah and blah passed a blah blah. Blah little blah that blah blah one blah surprised to blah what blah their blah were blah.
    ‘I always blah a blah to blah a blah,’ he blah blah.
    ‘You can’t blah me I want to blah. I blah,’ she blah.
    Blah blah some time she began to blah a drama, she blah it ‘My Blah Drama’ blah blah three acting persons: Fifi, Narcisse and Stranger. She blah blah drama blah blah blah.

A blah blah to the blah of blah blah house, blah is blah blah through the blah. To the blah blah a blah blah. Blah, blah and blah enter as blah blah from the blah in blah blah blah conversation.

FIFI:  Those blah are blah, blah them, my blah blah blah, wherever blah I blah, I’m blah by a blah blah of blah. All blah find blah blah in my blah, blah blah blah.

NARCISSE:  Blah off these blah blah thoughts and blah your blah. Blah that the blah may blah your blah blah weakness for our blah.

FIFI:  Oh blah!

NARCISSE, surprised:  What blah you blah blah here, my blah?

FIFI, draws blah:  No blah today! Don’t blah me! Don’t even blah blah me!

NARCISSE:  What blah blah you, my blah blah blah?

FIFI:  Oh blah, you blah blah up blah. Blah blah! Blah, if you blah, blah this very blah blah. On every blah come the blah. Your blah is being blah blah blah.

NARCISSE, blah wonder:  Blah yourself! You blah! Blah, has the blah blah blah you?

FIFI:  Oh blah, blah but blah blah yourself blah blah blah there blah is blah. You blah blah. Blah blah herself blah blah him.

NARCISSE, starts back:  Blah blah!  What are you blah?

FIFI:  Blah by blah in blah blah blah!

NARCISSE, in a blah blah:  Tell me, blah! How blah it with blah?

FIFI:  Blah enough, as I blah blah blah before.

NARCISSE:  Then you blah blah how to blah yourself?

FIFI, smiling:  It blah so. Only blah, this blah blah evening you blah to blah for blah.

NARCISSE: What do you blah?

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