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The eighth volume of The Blah Story by Nigel Tomm was published in 2008. In this volume, Nigel Tomm continues to explore possibilities of the modern English language (as fractal, algorithmic methods or literary phase-shifting). Almost all of The Blah Story, Volume 8  occupies one poem called My Blah Story. The most interesting fact about the poem – this is the longest published poem. The poem consists of 98,728 words; 449,441 characters (with spaces); 23,161 lines. More about it you can find here.

Book statistics: The Blah Story, Volume 8  contains 98,805 words; 449,832 characters (with spaces); 728 pages.

Some trivia about The Blah Story: Volume 19 contains the world’s longest word, Volumes 16, 17, 18 and 19 contains the world’s longest sentence, Volume 13 contains the world’s longest drama.

Download or Read the book here (>>)

The cover of “The Blah Story, Volume 8″

The cover of The Blah Story, Volume 8.

The back cover of “The Blah Story, Volume 8″

The back cover of The Blah Story, Volume 8.

Here’s an excerpt (the first page of The Blah Story, Volume 8):

Then blah again to blah this time, where she blah blah with arty blah and blah in blah, took blah the simple blah, and wrote some blah blah poetry, supposedly the blah of a blah blah blah on the blah of the blah blah title My Blah Story:

Blah me. Blame you.
Blah you. About you. You blame me. Blah you.

I blah as you or blah by blah,
You know. You blah. You blah it out of blah.
Blah blah. Blah blah.

Blah blah, a blah,
Blah in blah.
Discovers blah and circles
Into blah. ‘My eyes,’ I scream.

And blah. There is. A blah blah blah.
On other blah. I see a blah.
Too blah, too blah blah blah.
As everything is blah.
Except my blah.

She blah.
I blah. I cannot blah.
‘Stop blah,’ he blah
And something changes,
Snaps into blah.
Back into blah. I lock the blah.

In locked blah,
Blah locked blah.
Forms changing other blah.
My blah. It blah blah sharply.
Blah themselves in empty busses
Phones are blah. They are.
Too fixed. Too blah.

More info about the book you can find at Amazon.com


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